Human Resources Resumes

You can customize the free resume below for your needs.

I. Human resources resumes template

1. Applicant Contact Information:

* Full name:
* Permanent addresses:
* Telephone & Cell phone number:
* Your email address:

2. Job Objective:

Short and specific statement that includes position and/or relevant skills.

3. Job summary: It include a summary for your resume.

4. Education and knowledge:

* Degrees.
* All certificates related to this job.
* Licenses.

5. Experience:

5.1 Final company:……from……to……..

Key duties:

It can include functions of human resources management as follows:

* Recruitment and selection.
* Training and development
* Performance management
* Compensation and benefits
* Health and safety
* Labor and employee relations
* Human resources information system
* Employee motivation
* Organization development etc

Achievements (top 3 achievements)

• Achievement No 1:
• Achievement No 2:
• Achievement No 3:

5.2 Company:

Key duties: same 4/a/duties

Achievements (top 3 achievements) etc

5.3 First company.

Key duties: same 4/a/duties

Achievements (top 3 achievements)

4. Skills: Mention your computer skills, languages etc.

5. Personal & abilities:

6. Reference people

At least 2 people with: Cell phone number, email, position

II. Types of HR resumes

* Human resources vice president
* HR director
* HR manager
* Assistant manager
* Assistant
* Officer
* Coordinator
* Clerk
* Associate
* Executive
* Supervisor
* HR specialist
* HR consultant
* HR agent
* HR leader

III. Human resources resume tips:

This free sample of resume will give you some tips and techniques in setting up an effective resume for your job application. The resume template will help you in preparing a strong resume and getting your desired position.



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